E-Lite Technologies, Inc. is a spin off of the Timex Corporation. In the late 70's, Timex conceived and piloted a 12" wide roll of large format electroluminescence. E-Lite has, with the dedication of the original Timex engineers, completed and commercialized this product. The concept of a continuous process has been perfected and patented by E-Lite to run on a 32" wide roll, 1200' long.
Envisioned by Timex, Engineered by E-Lite, Exclusive manufacturer of FLATLITE® electroluminescent lamp.

FLATLITE is unique among EL lamp because it is made in rolls using aluminum foil as its main electrical conductor.

We consider it to be a raw material where other EL products are made to specific sizes. A single 30" (76 cm) wide roll that is over 1200 feet (365 meters) long can be cut to any width as narrow as 0.25" (6.35mm) and provided in any length required.
Quite simply, FLATLITE is only limited by imagination in the ways it can be used.

We hope you find our online home informative and helpful in understanding what makes it such an ideal lighting solution in many applications.
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